Great Place to Work

Trust is the base of great employership. More than 35 years ‘Great Place To Work’ aims to enable trust within organisations, where they believe good employership is the key for organisational success. Organisations where employees experience trust, enabled by great leadership and core values, often lead to better innovations and growth.

4 years in a row a Great Place to Work

Nextview has been awarded and recognized as a Great Place To Work for 4 years in a row. Something we’re really proud of! According to Nextview, a ‘Great Place To Work’ is an organisation where employees have trust in the people they work with, are proud of what they do and have fun with the people they collaborate with.

How to stay a Great Place to Work?

To stay a Great Place To Work, we constantly invest in our people. We invest in credibility, respect, honesty, pride and friends. Which can be seen as the dimensions to become and stay a Great Place to Work. Besides the investments in our own people, we also support our partners, clients and other parties we collaborate with, to invest in these dimensions to foster long term relationships. A Great Place To Work benefits more than only our own people!


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