In-depth industry knowledge

We challenge clients with an ambitious vision for the future to reimagine their way of working. Our part in this? Stimulating customer focus, digitising operations, and bringing data to life. To do this, we combine Salesforce expertise applied to the design-thinking concept with in-depth sector knowledge.

Because being aware of the trends and challenges that companies face makes the difference when it comes to achieving successful implementation. Our goal? Asking the right questions and making sure that we find the best solution to the problem. At Nextview, we do exactly that, and we utilise our knowledge of trends and challenges in the industry to keep reaching higher.

We focus on 3 industries

Manufacturing & Consumer products
Professional services & Utilities
Financial services
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This is what they have in common

The growing importance of service

First of all, service is an important element for all three of these industries. Even for organisations that produce goods, the level of service is becoming increasingly important. How can you ensure that you provide the service your customer needs?

This is what they have in common

Optimal customer service

Whether service is your core business or more of an integrated layer around physical products, you want to meet or even exceed customer expectations. How can you ensure an optimal end-to-end customer experience?

What they have in common

Responding to change

These three industries all face challenges that require change in the future. How can you deal with this change and how can you grow with the developments?

The above factors can also apply to companies in some other industries. That’s why we sometimes advise them as well, if their company profile matches our ambitions and goals.


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