A trusted advisor in an era of commoditization

Financial Services as a commodity: The years of investing in digital transformation programmes have created a new reality in which financial advice is reachable for everyone, everywhere. COVID-19 has accelerated the process of customers needing a new way of doing business in a remote and secured way. Whether they are in need of refinancing their business or looking for personal advice on buying a house, our business has changed drastically in the past 18 month.
We can help you to:

Digital customer onboarding (incl. KYC/CDD/PEP)

Digital onboarding is not just a temporary driven covid change; it’s here to stay. Building a customer friendly platform that supports compliant and effective customer onboarding allows you to build lean banking solutions that are available to your customers 24/7. With the Salesforce ecosystem we have experience in designing and building onboarding flows that support your business needs.

Build customer trust

In the face of economic uncertainty, a company’s trustworthiness matters even more than usual. As many customers are now concerned about their long-term financial situation, putting them first shows an honest and necessary concern for their long-term well being. Especially when many challenges have to be dealt with.

Improve underlying results

The profit on product level is under pressure due to low interest rates and existing business models. Existing platforms leave no room for flexibility, whereas a system that can be easily adjusted to changing needs or regulations saves time and money for true innovation. Smart self-service solutions further increase your margins.

Achieve customer intimacy

In the financial sector, users expect no less than seamless communication and immediate action: payments conducted within milliseconds, financial advice tailored to specific needs.  Keep customers close with personal, relevant and appropriate advice. How? By digitally transforming customer interactions into a personalized, on demand experience, no matter the channel chosen for interaction.

Answer to a changing market

More and more, the financial market is moving from individual products to Customer Life Cycle management. Make sure your customers know you are there. Not just when they are looking for a mortgage or insurance policy, but for the span of a lifetime. Digitizing your processes will help you to do so in an efficient and effective manner.

Imply autonomous finance

Extending beyond improving existing operations, autonomous finance can boost the customer experience and create whole new value streams. Automating front-office services can activate new data to support individual financial journeys at scale, developing deeper, even more connected relationships.

Effective customer service

Digitization will help you gain the correct insights on what drives customer contact. Deal with bottlenecks that create questions and only allocate resources where personal attention is needed. With a modern CRM platform that supports intelligent automated workflows, the need for resources will be predictable and cost effective.

Eliminate waste

Using Service Design to define the customer process will create an integrated end2nd view on what process is needed. Operational waste in customer engagements is eliminated, optimizing the experience for customers, employees and managers alike whilst being in full control of the integrated process, allowing it to beat the benchmark standards.

Attract talented employees

Automating and standardizing processes will help new employees achieve the right knowledge level more easily. Training employees in a digital, flexible and efficient manner will save time on the further development of your team(s) while still keeping a grip on progress and costs.


We are here to help you answering the needs of a changing market. To boost your customer-centricity and built trust, digitize your operations and bring your data to life. Blending deep industry knowledge with design-led Salesforce experience, we challenge you to reimagine the way you operate.
The Nextview how

Power to the people

01 Fully customer focused

The digital transformation to genuine customer centricity made easy, in an end-to-end experience, 100% satisfaction guaranteed. By putting you at the heart of our approach, we help you centering your customers and shape the future of your business.

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02 Design-led approach

More than just a technological transformation, digitizing changes the way you do business. We help you optimizing your processes, whilst keeping everyone on board. As a Platinum Salesforce partner, we know what we’re doing and we are doing it right.

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03 Remote but close

We care about you and use all our talent, experience & knowledge to fix your problems. To work and play hard together towards superior results, we create the perfect environments in our on- and offline Design Thinking Centers. Even if split by oceans, we’re 100% connected. Our customers are always close at heart.

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04 Always on top of things

Let us introduce you to the easy way to explore data and discover insights that help you shape the future of your business. Real-time, clear and consistent, with a 360 degree customer view, or even discovering the new world, unleashing the power of AI.

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05 One for all

Clear and consistent. One way of working across all your business units, enhancing productivity and great collaboration. Versatile in every way, standardized to make it easy adopting new developments. Lowering the administrative burden, empowering people and reducing mistakes.

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06 Think fast, move faster

Tomorrow start today. Sure, big steps require careful consideration. Expect us to fanatically start digging deep until we reach the core of your business. But we don’t see the need to write tenuous reports before starting to move. We’ll take this journey to full customer centricity. One step at a time, starting right now.

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