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Stay away from commoditisation and encourage customer loyalty by focusing on unique customer value and digitising the way you deliver services. Seize the globalisation opportunities of the business services industry and enter new markets that were previously unattainable. Give your team digital access anytime and anywhere, and introduce new data-driven services by leveraging the potential of data and AI.

Customer value and digitisation are more important than ever in a knowledge-driven industry that faces threats such as commoditisation and opportunities like globalisation. Due to the changing expectations of both customers and your team, digitisation is absolutely necessary to remain relevant and competitive. New opportunities are emerging to deliver existing services at lower cost and to introduce new, smart services driven by emerging technology and data.

Theme 1: digitise the way you deliver services

  • There is an increasing demand for the ability to provide digital services at a distance in a professional manner. This is a response to the globalisation of the business services industry and the socio-economic developments surrounding safety and security. Customers expect genuine attention, round-the-clock access to services through digital channels and communities, and the ability to exchange information in real time. In consultancy, digitisation offers expansion opportunities for companies that are able to adapt and embrace technology. Teams delivering on-site services expect digital tools that enable them to perform their knowledge-driven services in a hassle-free, safe, and secure manner. Digital enablement has a positive impact on cost levels and is needed to remain relevant and competitive – both towards customers and your team.

Theme 2: customer value to stay away from commoditisation

Delivering unique value to customers is the key to staying away from commoditisation of competition providing similar services. Focusing on the customer requires changing the way services are delivered, as well as the way in which the team is able to connect and interact with the organisation by breaking down departmental silos. In this way, people working remotely and on location will work together seamlessly. Customers demand that their needs be understood and that companies provide not only excellent customer service, but also an excellent customer experience throughout the entire process of acquisition, service, and renewal. Professional service providers who put the customer at the centre of attention promote customer loyalty and distance themselves from commoditisation.

Theme 3: unlock the value of data to improve and reinvent services

When unlocking the potential value of data, existing services can be delivered in a smarter way, but new services can also be designed. By remotely connecting to systems and tapping into customer data, you increase the ability to make a diagnosis before your company actually visits the customer. Smart use of this data enables you to predict and prevent, rather than fix and resolve. Imagine the possibilities for consultancy or field service! It reduces costs and increases the first-time-fix ratio, which improves customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Emerging technologies such as IoT and machine learning enable you to design smarter services in which the combined power of man and machine provides unique services that were not previously possible. By making use of this, commoditisation is left to the competition while you lead the market by innovating the way you deliver services.

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