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Companies in Consumer-Packaged Goods (CPG) are increasingly at the forefront of the buying experience. With direct-to-consumer initiatives, the combination of online and offline sales with a direct consumer presence is increasingly sought after. Use this enhanced customer 360-view in combination with data and AI to develop new markets and products and drive demand.

Relevant trends in the CPG industry

Trend 1: analytics and AI 

Using advanced data analyses and AI, you can identify new markets, stimulate product development, and generate new demand. Because of the direct relationship you build with the consumer, the amount of data available for analysis and predictive modelling becomes an important factor. To be able to process all this data and derive insights and predictions from it, there’s a growing need for new possibilities – both in the area of technology and in personnel.

Trend 2: direct-to-consumer

If you want to remain competitive and focused on your objectives, insight into your end customer is essential. In order to respond to current needs, traditional retail channels are no longer the only channels used to sell goods. These days, it’s all about a seamless consumer experience. To realise this, more and more direct-to-consumer channels are emerging, combining offline experience shops and online channels for a cross-channel experience.

Trend 3: private labels

By using private labels for your products as a CPG company, you increase your share in the category in which you operate. This larger share not only enables you to have a better position as a company – you also ensure better positioning and placement of your branded products. Make use of the economies of scale and benefit from a positive effect on your returns.

Dick van der Aart, Marketing Director at Aviko:

“Aviko moves from a wholesale approach to friendliness with the end user. For a usable customer 360°-view, marketing, sales, and service are integrated, and by adding data to the mix, the end customer experience is seamlessly served at all points of contact.”

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