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Industrial sector customers demand a connected experience across channels. Match demand and operations to make accurate predictions, use predictive analytics for a seamless service experience, and drive new business models with growth through services – also known as servitisation.

A connected customer experience forms the foundation

Understanding customer needs is a crucial aspect for manufacturers. You can no longer rely on your channel partners alone to predict demand and drive product development. Customers expect a B2C experience in their B2B relationship with you as a manufacturer, which requires an omni-channel strategy for marketing, sales, and service. A connected customer experience is an overarching trend in the industry that drives many of today’s digital transformation initiatives.

Trend 1: connect sales to distribution

These days, bringing together demand and forecasts to better predict your business is central to manufacturers. By connecting marketing, sales, service, and operations, your business creates a single customer view and brings a seamless customer experience to life. An important part of the customer experience is the ability to sell and serve remotely while maintaining the quality standards of conventional sales and service. With a full 360º customer view, you serve the customer through all channels.

Trend 2: introduce servitisation

Servitisation of Product as a Service differs from the traditional production and sale of products. New revenue-generating models are created by services and solutions with real added value, such as subscription models and predictive maintenance. Through meaningful customer interactions and smart products, you serve the customer in an entirely new and innovative way. By applying predictive analysis, you determine new business models and tap into new markets.

Trend 3: intelligent service

The data that you can gather through customer interactions and smart connected products is a powerful source of information. Predictive analysis enables you to bring this data to life, predict demand better, use lead generation more efficiently, and boost sales. For manufacturers, their journey to digital transformation starts with an effective architecture to feed the connected customer experience. Start using the cloud for scalability and accessibility, engage in production marketing for engagement, connect sales and distribution, introduce Internet of Thing, and use predictive capabilities. A sustainable architecture will be the result.

Quote from Mitsubishi Loginext


Nextview is a strong partner to get the job done. I should have done business with them long ago for an even better result. One lesson I learned is to start a project with workshops involving internal stakeholders and consultancies to get everyone moving in the same direction. Nextview has proven that they are able to host this for us, using design thinking and an agile approach. We recommend other companies collaborate with Nextview. 

– Tim Serdijn, IT Director at Mitsubishi Loginext

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