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Welcome to the era of the customer. Utilities will increasingly focus on serving the next generation of customers. These utilities will be powered by digital platforms where assets, employees, and customers are fully connected. Innovation will be key to seizing digital opportunities around new services and products in a traditional industry. The future is now!

Your new generation of customers is around the corner. A generation that’s aware of the power of choice. Expect an increasing demand for digital ease of use, good service, and information on demand. We like to enable clients to invest and innovate in digital platforms to meet these expectations – wherever and whenever the occur. With an aging workforce in the utilities industry, it’s important to transform not only the way you do business with customers, but also the way you enable experts in this field to do their work digitally. This brings both opportunities and challenges. Go digital and seize the opportunities!

Theme 1: digitisation enables connected utilities

To provide customers with a first-class experience, you need to be able to connect customers, field engineers, customer care departments, and smart grids. This requires digitisation of platforms and tools. Customers expect personalised processes across channels. The ability to update contracts and subscriptions in real time will be the baseline for all utility companies. Saying farewell to legacy IT is key to meeting these needs. Your engineers in the field expect you to provide them with modern, digital tools that support them in connecting to the smart grid full of data and capabilities. With an aging workforce, it’s more important than ever to provide your future employees with digital tools that bring them knowledge, security, and structure – and all of this in a mobile way. Connected homes, smart grids, and electric vehicles will create new utility-company needs that can only be supported on a fully digital platform.

Theme 2: support your next generation of customers

Clients are constantly exploring and comparing options in utilities, driven by a long-term shift in mentality in which change and digital are central. When they need support, they expect companies to communicate across different platforms and channels, independent of time and location. This means switching on services and products at the push of a button; something that requires innovation in the way that you build your business and communicate with your customers. You want to become a digital retailer, facilitating the switch to another supplier in a smooth and cost-efficient way. This way, you make sure that consumers reconsider your services as soon as they start comparing again. Distinguish yourself from the competition by offering customer experiences instead of customer service, and achieve this by making sure the experiences you deliver are personalised.

Theme 3: unlock the value of smart grid data and smart homes

Customers will be connected to the smart grid, which offers opportunities for utility companies that are able to analyse the available data and unlock its value. By better understanding the needs and energy consumption of your customers, smart custom services can be introduced based on IoT and sensor data. The online smart grid provides you with a huge amount of data that you can use to feed predictive maintenance models, so you can guarantee grid uptime without disruption. By preventing rather than resolving disruptions, you reduce field service costs and stay competitive in a market that faces cost challenges.

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