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Do you operate in the automotive industry and are you looking for ways to gain competitive advantage and achieve lifelong loyalty from your target group? There are many opportunities to get closer to the customer and expand the customer experience in the automotive industry. For example, streamline your marketing and lead process, deliver intelligent customer service throughout the customer lifecycle and stay closely connected to your dealer network.

Respond to the customer experience

Smart vehicles, shared mobility, solutions like Uber, car part concepts, and a new generation of millennials who will become future car buyers: these are all developments that the automotive industry needs to take into account when creating a customer experience. Marketing that connects seamlessly, collaboration with dealers, and insight into the touchpoints are central to this – always based on 360 customer overview.

Possibilities within the vast automotive ecosystem

With OEMs, dealers, fleet owners, and drivers, the ecosystem of the automotive industry is vast. The ability to collaborate with communities, to use analytics and optimise processes is close at hand. Just consider new product introductions, recalls, lead generation, and training dealers on new product features.

Create life-long loyalty

In the automotive industry, there are plenty of opportunities to expand the end-to-end customer journey and experience. With an increasing number of smart vehicles and technology available such as the Internet of Things, bots, AI, and cloud solutions, creating lifetime customer loyalty is easier than ever. Suggesting service agreements, predictive maintenance, new available software, new product development information, and driver communities are just a few examples of how you can offer your customers the WOW experience.



The aim was to transform LeasePlan from an asset-oriented organisation into a customer-oriented organisation. We wanted to create a fully usable 360 customer overview that brings together customer data, car details, service cases, leasing policies, insurance policies, and more. The result was a fully customised Service Cloud solution with intelligent route planning for tasks in 18 countries.

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