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The digitisation of education in the Netherlands is undergoing major developments, with Iddink Group at the forefront. Every day, the well-known education platform serves at least 500 secondary schools, while EduArte is used by over 400,000 vocational school students. With these educational information systems, Iddink Group is the absolute market leader in the Netherlands.

Digital teaching: a growing trend

In recent years, digital teaching has grown in popularity. The situation surrounding the Covid-19 crisis is adding to that, making the power and potential of digital lessons almost impossible to ignore. Thanks to Iddink’s products, the majority of students in secondary education and vocational students in the Netherlands are able to pursue a digital education.

Online educational information systems

Educational information systems are complete software packages for pupils, teachers, parents, and educational support staff—such as those in charge of scheduling and coordination. These systems are at the heart of school organisation. 

We help Iddink with its educational information systems. Based on Salesforce Community, we developed a self-service portal where secondary school and vocational school employees can easily log in, consult a knowledge base, and read news about their product. The portal is used daily by thousands of people and its functionalities are regularly expanded.

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