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Services are delivered by many. Real partnerships, however, by few. When it comes to customer relationships, you need to make things personal. In a knowledge-driven industry, customer value is more important than ever and expectations are high. Committed professionals, empowered by digital solutions, help you to avoid the trap of commoditization.
We can help you to:

Grow your scale across new markets

In a world where distance no longer counts, premium customer service is key to keep existing clients and attract new prospects. Digitizing your services will help you to identify new business opportunities and enhance opportunities to up- and cross-sell to existing clients, making sure your services are easy to use and easy to find.

Increase your productivity

Digitize your business, standardize if possible and eliminate non-value adding tasks to optimize your productivity. Make sure your digital tools are up to date, avoiding unnecessary time spent on administrative burdens or the limited access to real-time information. User experience has never been better.

Create added value by tailored services

Transforming from craftsmanship to standardization, low added value services will disappear or be automated. Technology is speeding up this process. The answer if you don’t want to become a commodity? Go digital and develop and deliver tailored premium services.

Achieve excellent customer experience

A customer experience should be nothing but premium. How? Simply make sure you have all relevant information at hand with an end-to-end view on the customer journey. Provide customers with a hassle free process, deepen the engagement with flexible and self-service solutions. Smooth and smart.

Empower customer engagement across channels

Customers expect genuine attention, round-the-clock access to services through digital channels and communities, and the ability to exchange information in real time. They want value, not hours. With a 360 customer view, you’ll provide more value to your customers and modernize their experience while creating a sense of transparency and trust.

Grow your margins

In response to globalization, the landscape is increasingly competitive. Prices are under pressure, wage inflation is an ongoing issue. At the same time, costs and uncertainty increase due to changing labour regulations. Smart use of digital tools will help you enhance competitive advantage by streamlining internal processes and lowering your costs.

Attract the talented

Appeal to the millennial workforce with modern technology and the digital work environment in which young professionals thrive. A full understanding of what committed professionals need will help you with all the skills the job requires. Offer a unique experience from onboarding to service for guaranteed employee engagement.


Encourage customer loyalty by focusing on unique customer value and digitising the way you deliver services. New opportunities are emerging, new markets ready to explore. You only have to seize them - starting by giving your team digital access anytime and anywhere.
The Nextview how

Power to the people

01 Fully customer focused

The digital transformation to genuine customer centricity made easy, in an end-to-end experience, 100% satisfaction guaranteed. By putting you at the heart of our approach, we help you centering your customers and shape the future of your business.

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02 Design-Led approach

More than just a technological transformation, digitizing changes the way you do business. We help you optimizing your processes, whilst keeping everyone on board. As a Platinum Salesforce partner, we know what we’re doing and we are doing it right.

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03 Remote but close

We care about you and use all our talent, experience & knowledge to fix your problems. To work and play hard together towards superior results, we create the perfect environments in our on- and offline Design Thinking Centers. Even if split by oceans, we’re 100% connected. Our customers are always close at heart.

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04 Always on top of things

Let us introduce you to the easy way to explore data and discover insights that help you shape the future of your business. Real-time, clear and consistent, with a 360 degree customer view, or even discovering the new world, unleashing the power of AI.

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05 One for all

Clear and consistent. One way of working across all your business units, enhancing productivity and great collaboration. Versatile in every way, standardized to make it easy adopting new developments. Lowering the administrative burden, empowering people and reducing mistakes.

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06 Think fast, move faster

Tomorrow start today. Sure, big steps require careful consideration. Expect us to fanatically start digging deep until we reach the core of your business. But we don’t see the need to write tenuous reports before starting to move. We’ll take this journey to full customer centricity. One step at a time, starting right now.

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The Nextview Design-Led Approach

All on board


the context

Understand current and design future state


& validate

Design and build.


Make it

Bring solutions to the business.



Embed the way of working into the business.

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