Serving the next generation of energy customers

Today’s energy and water utilities are striving to exceed customer and society’s expectations. They go beyond their traditional commodity business and shape the path to a cleaner, more efficient and renewable energy future. Customer relationships are changing as a result, where energy consumers become energy producers and storers as well. For these so-called ‘prosumers’, a digital first approach from sales to service and field operations is more important than ever. The customer has the opportunity to choose, now more than ever before. Having a strong digital field worker capability is key to meet the expectations, as are cost efficient and safe field operations.
We can help you to:

Automate marketing & open new revenue streams

In a competitive market like energy & utilities, it’s key to leverage your brand awareness and target leads. Working with Nextview means target leads are obtained in a digital and data driven way. Manage the sales funnel digitally, drive sales efficiency and open new revenue streams.

Meet evolving customer expectations

Provide customers with a smooth and seamless digital first end-2-end journey, from lead-2-contract and from service-2-renewal. The experience should be nothing but premium, around the clock and across channels.  Shift from commodity provider to energy value advisor. Personal, efficient and cost effective.

Go digital to lower the cost per contract

The benefit lies not only in the customer journey, but also in your own. Optimizing the sourcing and contracting process increases your efficiency and lowers the costs. Imagine a seamless digital quote-to-contract process, fully streamlined and totally transparent. All on one platform.

Make switching easy and cost efficient

Meeting the needs of a new generation of customers means raising your flexibility standards. Provide them with flexible energy contracts, increasing your customer lifetime value. Make it cheap and easy to hop on, hop off, whenever customers want to switch energy providers or services. It shows an honest concern in their interests.

Manage your assets

With our Salesforce solutions, we will provide you with a 360 view on your asset performance. Your insights in asset status are always up to date, making the asset lifecycle management precise,efficient and cost effective Above all, you’ll be able to prevent, predict and resolve incidents before they even happen. Uptime ensured!

Enable the digital field worker

With modern field ops tools, you’ll be ready to enable the next generation workforce. Use advanced digital tools to manage workers and assets. Nextview helps to design a step-by-step digital journey, motivating every employee to become the digital field worker of the future.

Lower the costs of field operations

Let us help you automate for cost savings and greater productivity. Optimize your capacity and resource planning by digitally transforming your field service operations. The result? Minimal administrative burdens, lower cost per field service job, and no more manual data entry. Maximum employee satisfaction.


Are you ready to serve the next generation of customers? Let us help you creating a premium customer experience and increasing brand awareness. Optimize the asset lifecycle management and add efficiency, safety and speed by enabling your field workers with digital tools. Costs will go down on both sides: both in retail and in field operation.
The Nextview how

Power to the people

01 Fully customer focused

The digital transformation to genuine customer centricity made easy, in an end-to-end experience, 100% satisfaction guaranteed. By putting you at the heart of our approach, we help you centering your customers and shape the future of your business.

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02 Design-Led approach

More than just a technological transformation, digitizing changes the way you do business. We help you optimizing your processes, whilst keeping everyone on board. As a Platinum Salesforce partner, we know what we’re doing and we are doing it right.

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03 Remote but close

We care about you and use all our talent, experience & knowledge to fix your problems. To work and play hard together towards superior results, we create the perfect environments in our on- and offline Design Thinking Centers. Even if split by oceans, we’re 100% connected. Our customers are always close at heart.

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04 Always on top of things

Let us introduce you to the easy way to explore data and discover insights that help you shape the future of your business. Real-time, clear and consistent, with a 360 degree customer view, or even discovering the new world, unleashing the power of AI.

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05 One for all

Clear and consistent. One way of working across all your business units, enhancing productivity and great collaboration. Versatile in every way, standardized to make it easy adopting new developments. Lowering the administrative burden, empowering people and reducing mistakes.

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06 Think fast, move faster

Tomorrow start today. Sure, big steps require careful consideration. Expect us to fanatically start digging deep until we reach the core of your business. But we don’t see the need to write tenuous reports before starting to move. We’ll take this journey to full customer centricity. One step at a time, starting right now.

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The Nextview Design-Led Approach

All on board


the context

Understand current and design future state


& validate

Design and build.


Make it

Bring solutions to the business.



Embed the way of working into the business.

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Thinking Center

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Our experts

Platinum Salesforce partners

Pieter Hendrikx

Industry lead Professional Services and Utilities

Clients value Pieter because of his “getting things done” attitude, good understanding of both business processes and IT, the ability to build deep levels of trust and great source of energy and motivation.

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Bianca Visser

Senior Sales Executive

Valued by international clients for her deep expertise in digital strategy and digital transformation, acquired from more than 15 years of consulting experience.

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We are here to help you with digital transformation to advance business for the better. To reimagine the way you operate, boost your customer-centricity, digitize your operations and bring your data to life. Blending deep industry knowledge with design-led Salesforce experience, we challenge you to reimagine the way you operate.
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