Maas Cleanup seeks to use the collective force of the industry to bring about change. Moving from polluting to solving the growing problem of litter, together we will make and keep our rivers, seas, and oceans clean. By spending one day per year picking up litter from the banks of the river Maas, we are mobilising the industry to think and act more sustainably.

Our contribution to Pledge 1%

We have signed the Pledge 1% covenant. This means that we will spend 1% of our time, 1% of our sales, and 1% of our services on non-profit initiatives. To increase our impact and combining our strengths, Nextview has selected several ‘Change Blazer’ projects for our employees to participate in. One of year’s project is the Maas Cleanup. A team of Salesforce consultants, developers, and business consultants are working hard to make the Maas Cleanup a huge success.


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