Way of Working Videos

Within Nextview we aim to deliver value to our customers at any moment and situation. We have our normal ‘way of working’ at the customer, but if we work remotely, our way of working needs some adjustments to make sure we can deliver the same value. In order to align our staff and bring our employees up to speed with our ‘remote way of working’, we created ‘remote way of working’ training sessions.

Together with our employees, we managed to transform our current way of working into a new remote way of working. First we focused on the basics, but within a few weeks we already managed to create professional workshops, test sessions and training sessions online.


With over 125 fortune 2,000 customers, Sightcall is the most complete and trusted AR live video platform on the market. Sightcall transforms field service and customer service by reimagining how people interact with their environment.

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Remote Test Teams

End-2-End test will be organized in a virtual and remote way. In order to be able to do this in a successful, efficient and fun way, we want to inform you about the intended approach and the required preparations. The better prepared we all are, the smoother the End-2-End test will be for all of us.

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Social Aspects of Remote Working

One risk [of working remote], perhaps unexpectedly, is burnout. People using flex or remote policies often do feel more grateful to their employers. That feeling of indebtedness can lead some remote employees to keep their foot on the gas until they run out of fuel. So what can we do?

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Remote Design Workshops

How can we facilitate a design workshop online? With our tools, knowledge and people we are able to organize workshops that will give clients the same experience as they would experience in our Design Thinking Centers.

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Basics in Remote Working

Working remotely differs from working at the office, especially the basics in organizing calls, workshops and training sessions. In order to deliver the same value and experience the same high-level quality, we created some basics for remote working.

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