Our Story

We help clients make a positive impact

We challenge brands with a vision for the future to reinvent their way of working. We stimulate customer focus and digitisation of operations, and we bring data to life. 

To realise this, we combine our in-depth knowledge of the industry with Salesforce expertise and apply it to the concept of design thinking. We guide the digital transformation so that organisations can improve more and more every day. That’s our promise!

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Purpose statement

Creating a Positive Impact that Inspires

At Nextview, we challenge ourselves to create a positive impact with everything we do. Actually, that’s not all: shaping peoples’ lives to be the happiest and healthiest they can be – that’s what business is all about for us. That’s why we see ourselves as pioneers who use business to do good, together with organisations that share our vision. Let’s create ecosystems in which people, the planet, and profit come together. Together, we can achieve so much more.

Our timeline

Growth and transformation

In 2009, we started as a consultancy firm helping companies to implement user-friendly and innovative IT solutions. Over the last 10 years, we’ve grown tremendously, and we’ve transformed along the way. This hasn’t gone unnoticed. Over the years, we’ve been given various awards. Now, in 2020, we’re ready for the next step. From our strong home base in the Netherlands, we support companies throughout Northern Europe with digital transformations.

The team

Our most valuable asset

Our people are the best in their fields. This makes our team our most valuable asset. A strong and steady combination of design thinkers and service designers, business consultants, solution architects, consultants, and developers, working together as friends. Each and every one of our team is passionate and talented and not only works for the financial aspect, but also wants to reach our greater goal together.


We collaborate with these partners to create a happier and healthier life

Awards and certifications

The crowning glory of our work

We’ve grown rapidly over the last few years and we’ve transformed along the way. This hasn’t gone unnoticed.




A diverse client portfolio

Our clients choose us. And once they’ve chosen us, they love us. We’re very grateful for that. We’re proud to work for various national and international clients in a diverse range of industries. Curious to find out more about how we’ve created a positive impact for these brands?

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