Our Way of Working

Designing products or services that deliver a positive experience and allow brands to grow loyal relationships: that’s what customer focus means to us. Organisations that share this way of working see customers as the cornerstone of their existence. That’s why they do everything they can to at least meet the expectations of their target groups.

We go beyond digitising business processes – we completely transform them. The result? Fewer steps, documents, and silos, and faster decision-making and tackling of regulatory issues. We bring your data to life so that the right people can immediately find the right data to grow your business.

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Our unique formula

Creating a Positive Impact that Inspires

At Nextview, we challenge ourselves to create a positive impact with everything we do. That isn’t just a story – it’s what drives us. This vision fuels our way of doing business, and we help organisations to excel. It also goes beyond just doing business. Let’s create ecosystems in which people, the planet, and profit come together. Together, we can achieve so much more.

Our unique formula

Leading Independent Salesforce Partner

Nextview is one of the few leading independent Salesforce Partners in Northern Europe in terms of size, certifications, and collaboration. Technology is inspiring and changes rapidly. We understand this like no other, so we work hard to maintain our position. As a result, we are the Platinum alternative for global strategic partners and potential customers as well as for Salesforce.

Our unique formula

Design-led Approach

We help our clients to see the bigger picture and look beyond the technological solutions. With our inspiring Design-Thinking Centres and the Agile Scrum approach, our focus is on creating solutions for people, and then for brands. This Design-Thinking method enables us to offer speed, flexibility, and a shared responsibility to do our best in finding the right solution.

Our unique formula

Salesforce Expertise & Industry Knowledge

This combination provides superior expertise, underpinned by the right Salesforce certifications and client references. We have industry knowledge in the areas of manufacturing and consumer goods, professional services, utilities, and financial services.

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Our values

This is important to us

We simply deliver excellence

Time and energy are our most precious assets, so let’s use them wisely. That’s why we think carefully about the actions we take and how we can ensure they are realised.

We do business from the heart

In everything we do, we listen to our hearts when it comes to making important decisions. We use our talents to actively contribute to a better world.

We work together as friends

Nothing is more important than enjoying what you do. That’s why we work together and treat each other the same way we treat people in our personal lives.

Nextview's WOW

Our 'Way of Working'

We’re proud of Nextview’s culture and our Way of Working is its foundation. We notice the power of this WOW in the workplace every day, but it goes further than that. It’s central to our approach towards customers, partners, and our environment.

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