Plastic Wale

Plastic soup is a growing and global problem. Plastic waste is increasingly polluting the waters around the world and the consequences are dire. Animals living in and around our waterways are getting caught in plastic waste or are choking on it. And because fish readily swallow microplastics, this plastic waste  can ultimately land up on our plates as well.

What does Plastic Whale do?

Plastic Whale fights for plastics-free water. Their main goal is to contribute to solutions that get rid of plastic soup. They do this by not just creating social awareness for the problem but also by taking action and getting as many people as possible involved in fishing plastic out of the waters. They organise free public events that are easily accessible for everyone who wants to help. Boat or no boat, everybody can join in. They also create school programmes for children on these topics.

Stop talking, start doing!

Plastic Whale is all about taking action and commitment. By organising accessible and fun events, they reach and secure the commitment of a fast-growing number of people. And as more and more companies contribute, they increase their clout and impact. Plastic Whale has great ambitions, starting first in Amsterdam, then expanding across the Netherlands, Europe, and then the entire world. Stop talking, start doing!

Contributing ideas and taking action

As a Certified B Corp, Nextview has been supporting Plastic Whale by offering them a stage during client sessions in our Design Thinking Center. For this we use the Plastic Whale boats, including our own boat, to pick up clients from Amsterdam Central Station and take them to our Design Thinking Center as we fish out plastic from Amsterdam’s canals and the Amstel river.

Share in a new future

To strengthen our close involvement with Plastic Whale and emphasise our desire to improve the problem of plastic soup, Nextview has now become a shareholder. Furthermore, we play a modest role in the Plastic Whale’s diversification to Circular Furniture. The collaboration between Plastic Whale and VEPA has resulted in an entire collection of amazing office furniture. The boardroom table and chairs can also be admired in our Design Thinking Center in Eindhoven.


Want to know more about our collaboration with Plastic Whale?

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