Privacy statement recruitment and employment at Nextview

Thank you for showing interest in Nextview or being a member of our network of professionals. When you apply for a job at Nextview (online or offline) we ask you to provide us with personal data so we can evaluate your application. We understand the importance of privacy and we thank you for trusting us with this valuable information. We’re committed to keeping that trust. That starts with helping you understand what we do with your personal data during and after the recruitment and selection process. Therefore this statement applies to all former, current and future candidates and employees of Nextview.

What information do we collect?
We collect personal data, meaning any information that tells us something about you or that can be linked to you as a person. Such as your name, address, date of birth, email address, photographs, demographic information, employment history, educational background or your ID number.

How we collect your personal data?
We collect your personal data because you provide them to us. For example by sending us your motivational letter and personal resume. We may also receive your personal information from third party such as a staffing agency or a (corporate) recruiter. We may also collect your personal data via social media (LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook).

Why do we process your personal data?
We only process your personal data with your consent or if we have a reason to do so as your (future) employer. Most important reasons to process personal data are:

  • Recruitment and selection – job applications, interview notes, pre-employment background check, documents confirming employment decision.
  • Employee communication – enabling email, phone, chat, video and audio conferencing internally and externally
  • HR purposes – onboarding, performance, promotions and other changes in job roles, off boarding
  • Payroll – for payroll and benefits administration
  • Talent management – work related education, assessments, coaching
  • Internal processes and management – planning, organizational analyses and planning, complying with B-corp core values, internal audits
  • Health and safety reasons – employee identification, data and property, medical assistance in case of an emergency, prevention and reintegration, preventing fraud and abuse
  • Legal obligations – by law Nextview is obligated to keep certain personal date during and after employment, amongst others for tax obligations

Do we share your personal data with other companies outside Nextview?
For the reasons listed above Nextview may share your personal information with, between or amongst if offices. Your personal data may also be shared third party service providers that have a contract with Nextview such as our paryroll provider, tax consultants, administrators, health & safety service and legal and other advisors. We may also share with third parties if we have obtained your consent or due to a legal obligation; in response to a court order or request form a government body.

How long do we keep your personal data?
If the recruitment process was successful and you will be employed by Nextview we will keep your personal data during your employment and also after off boarding. If the recruitment and selection process did not result in an employment or other collaboration, we will keep your personal data for a period of one year unless you have informed us that we need to delete your personal data after one month.

What are my responsibilities and my rights regarding data control?
It is your responsibility to provide us accurate information that is not misleading in any way. If you share information regarding other persons (e.g. referees) you are responsible for notice and ensuring that person consent to Nextview collecting and processing that information.

Also important to know is that you have the right to (1) request access, correction, deletion and/or transfer personal data (2) object to Nextview’s collection and processing of personal data; and (3) request information regarding the process for submitting a complaint to the data privacy or protection authority or regulator in your jurisdiction, including the contact information for such authority or regulator. For any of these request, you can reach out to

Please also contact if you have any question regarding data collecting and processing as described in this statement.

Changes to statement
We may change this statement from time to time. If we make a significant change in the way we treat your personal data we will actively inform you.