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    Slack partner in the DACH region and Benelux

    We are proud to announce that as a long term boutique Salesforce Partner, we are now also a Slack services partner for businesses in Europe. With our unique combination of Salesforce knowledge, business consultancy and service design, Slack allows us to further align people and processes for an enhanced customer, partner and user experience.

    As the leading channel-based collaboration platform, Slack connects people to the
    information they need. The collaboration tool goes beyond all other platforms that
    businesses can use to communicate within and among teams or with customers and
    partners. Alongside multiple avenues for collaboration including messaging and voice or video calls, Slack offers the ability to connect to other services, like Salesforce, Tableau, Google Drive, Office 365 and many more. Its workflow builder automates routine actions and communication, whereas enterprise key management allows companies complete control and visibility of access to their data, using their own encryption keys.

    Slack’s additional apps and workflows are unique, as are its security features

    Niek BachmanSlack Alliance Manager - Nextview Consulting

    Enterprise oriented
    For Niek Bachman, responsible for setting up the new partnership with Slack, these integration possibilities make Slack more interesting than any other collaboration platform. “Slack is much more enterprise oriented. It allows an impressive level of integration with the rest of your workstream, further optimizing processes and structures in your organization. The additional apps and workflows are unique, as are its security features.”

    Design Led Approach
    Nextview is particularly fit to implement Slack for its customers because of its Design-led approach. “Our approach makes all the difference. Together with our customers, we design the structures behind the tools we implement. By focussing on the human aspect, the process and the technology, we make sure to create one seamless experience for the end users. We look at all these aspects when we implement Salesforce, and we will look at them when we implement Slack.”

    Nextview has already lined up a large team of trained and certified business consultants, technical consultants and project managers in order to be able to deliver the Slack services. In the next 12 months, all of Nextview’s consultants will be trained in the delivery of Slack’s services.

    A total solution
    Following the acquisition of Slack by Salesforce earlier this year, the two companies
    introduced multiple integrations at Dreamforce 2021 that will help realize the benefits of a digital HQ for joint customers. Niek advises customers who are curious what Slack can do for their business to get in touch. After all, Slack makes all tools work better, including the ones you already use. “With Salesforce and Slack, we can offer a total solution for all workflows, fully customized and secure. By aligning these tools across your entire organization, we can truly help your business to reach the next level.”

    Nextview has implemented Slack internally over the last period and is clearly seeing it’s benefits already as a complete collaboration solution for the company. The use case will be published in the near future!

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    Stefan Bakx