Security and scalability
in a large organisation

Several separate business units form ABN AMRO – components that all benefit from the stability and structure of this major financial services provider. At the same time, the longer project lead times associated with such large organisations is not always conducive to business operations. Leading the way requires relatively fast switching and perseverance, while the potential scalability to the entire organisation must not be overlooked.

This requires a partner with industry knowledge and affinity with the business component that can also act flexibly and quickly, something the consultancy giants cannot offer. That’s why Salesforce introduced ABN AMRO to Nextview in 2015. Together, they’ve made the transition from all kinds of separate applications to a state-of-the-art, industry-driven cloud platform. Nextview did a total of five separate implementations with mutual relationships for various parts of the bank. In this way, ABN AMRO can ultimately move towards a single customer view for the large business market if they wish to do so in the future.

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Project 1

Mergers and Acquisitions

Nextview started with a specific project around Mergers and Acquisitions, or the buying and selling of business units. Day in, day out, about 80 commercial consultants work with clients at a boardroom level to discuss these sensitive agreements. There’s a lot of confidence involved in such large deals, even though the former CRM solution was far from advanced.

That’s why Nextview not only implemented Salesforce Sales Cloud as a CRM system for the consultants, but also added Salesforce Shield. This module brings security to the level you need as a Mergers and Acquisitions banker. Nextview delivered the MVP in four months, after which they continued to develop new functions and features.

Project 2

Trade and Commodity Finance

From there, the implementation partner took the next step towards a considerably larger assignment for the Trade and Commodity Finance business unit, which helps and advises customers on trade finance. ABN AMRO makes cash flow available by temporarily buying goods such as coffee, cocoa, or metals, and selling them again later at a pre-agreed price. A risky business involving several billions of dollars.

This billion-dollar business was run from Excel sheets. Nextview proposed a combination of the Salesforce platform and FinancialForce. A user-friendly interface with which the entire financial transaction and contract settlement is handled. Data is stored securely, while the platform is scalable. In a community, customers can request a deal themselves and digital signature support allows remote contracts to be signed. In addition, ABN AMRO has continuous insight into the financial positions they occupy with commodity trading. This allows risks to be better estimated, so that human errors are optimally avoided.

Project 3

Global Markets

Due to the successful collaboration with ABN AMRO in the previous projects, Global Markets also turned to Nextview. This department worked in a CRM system that was actually a combination of all kinds of separate applications. It was time to replace this with one solid system. In order to make maximum progress, Nextview also examined the processes in the areas of efficiency and risk hedging.

Nextview replaced the collection of applications with Financial Services Cloud, specifically aimed at managing and maintaining CRM relationships in the financial world. This solution has an industry-specific data model that allows users to get started right away. All kinds of agreements such as signing authority are established, and an approval process makes it easy for managers to pay bonuses and fees to the agents.

Project 4


ABN AMRO saw the potential of the many financial start-ups that had begun to appear on the market. That’s why the company established its own start-up: New10. A loan platform especially for SMEs. As a pioneer in a niche, you don’t want to be bound by the standard IT processes that a large organisation like ABN AMRO has to deal with.

Salesforce is a great tool to reach a fast go-to-market – which is why it’s such a popular platform among start-ups. Simple and quick to start, and useful to continue to build and grow. A method that fits perfectly with the start-up philosophy.

Project 5

ABN AMRO Clearing

The ABN AMRO Clearing division was already partially built on the Salesforce platform when they wondered whether they were doing the right thing. They called on Nextview’s experts to analyse the current working method in an advisory report and to then apply an improvement.


The future in mind

If Salesforce runs in different parts of an organisation, you’ll run the risk that silos will arise again, even though you’re working on one platform. Nextview took an active role in coordinating scalability, should a bank-wide rollout of the Salesforce solutions be opted for later.

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