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Implementing a strategic growth CRM model

Iddink is probably best known for boxes with complete sets of school books directly sent to schools and students, but their real strength is developing software for schools. Their users vary from students to teachers to functional admins within schools. Iddink serves over 1.500 education institutions and 1,4 million students. Besides distributor of school materials, Iddink also is a service provider. Systems like EduArte and Magister – market leaders in student information – are two well-known systems, which are being used by teachers, school administrators and students as well as their parents.

In addition to the customer case below, Nextview hosted a webinar with Iddink in which we elaborate more on Service Analytics. For more information about that, reach out to the button below.

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Iddink was a merged organization with different locations and different CRM’s and databases. There was a non agile commercial environment with unharmonized processes and there were different levels of knowledge and commitment in the organization. Iddink and Nextview teamed up to implement a strategic growth CRM model to provide a unified experience across Iddink labels in order to bring together a harmonized and efficient process within a single platform.


Iddink has completed an implementation with Sales Cloud to centrally drive sales, and an implementation with Service Cloud and Community Cloud to create a community for (4000+) customers to interact with Iddink group. For Magister and EduArte there were two different types of systems and two different sets of data. Now, with the Service Cloud and Community Cloud, Iddink uses one tool to service customers in both Magister and EduArte that allows Iddinks service agents to look at one dashboard that shows them what is important for them at that exact moment and let them spend their time doing things that match their skills. This also makes it easier for customers to interact with the service agents.


  • Iddink has a single tool and a way of working for agents of four business units
  • Iddink has clarity, efficiency and ease of use for both customers as service agents
  • Iddink now has a 360 degree customer view

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