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How the Salesforce-platform connects Sales & Operations for MLE

MLE (Mitsubishi Logisnext Europe) is the global leading provider of forklifts, automation and logistics solutions covering design, manufacturing, distribution and servicing of forklifts. The group covers the markets in Europe, the CIS, the Middle East and Africa with its own subsidiaries in 10 countries as well as a dealer network consisting of more than 300 dealers. Nextview helped MLE with a complete digital transformation from their current systems into a cloud based platform. Read about their challenge, the solution and the results.

We also organised a webinar in which Mitsubishi Logisnext Europe explains how the Salesforce platform is supporting them in digitising their Order to Cash Process.

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MLE has seen massive changes in their manufacturing footprint. One of the core tasks is to realise a good connection between distribution and manufacturing. Optimising communication between production and distribution channels had to speed up the process, improve quality and make the whole process more transparent to customers.

Historically MLE had many systems where trucks and forklifts were configured and priced. But as these were converging there was a need to harmonize that operation into a single operation with a single system and a single source of truth, so that the quality of the operations would increase tremendously. This was a complete change from many unconnected systems running on relatively old technology where MLE spent a lot of money on hardware, into a cloud-based platform where MLE had a single source of truth. The goal was to have a seamless, frictionless and cost-effective customer experience, but also an internally efficient process. In order to achieve a well-formed cloud based Salesforce integration, harmonization of the organization was necessary.

Also, all MLE brands have  different value propositions which come together in the factories. All brands come from the same factories, which are located  around the world. There are 3 factories in Europe, and another 5 outside of Europe where MLE also buys different products for different areas of the market. All of these assets need to be directly connected to the sales & distribution operations.


MLE teamed up with Nextview, Salesforce, FinancialForce and Tacton and implemented the IT system all within the Salesforce Platform. That allowed MLE to integrate everything into a single working system, with the help of Nextview. Because of that, MLE now has a very strong workflow which means it is clear to all stakeholders how things are running. Obsolete systems were sometimes causing impediments because software couldn’t follow. With the cloud-based Salesforce integration, MLE has a more robust process: it works not only in the static environment, but it’s also more dynamic. Now MLE can do approval processes on the fly, which speeds up the transaction flow tremendously. The whole process flow has improved and MLE is able to show that on the dashboards that MLE’s customers are using. This is the online experience that MLE was pursuing, and that is now materializing step by step.


  • Work cycles have shortened. MLE went from 24 hours to 6 hours when it comes to quote approval.
  • The transparency of information improved, which caused the margin and discount management to be of much higher quality.
  • Errors have become much less frequent.
  • The discussion with the factories is much more structured and handled in a much more concrete way than before based on the available information.
  • The cloud-based Salesforce implementation helped in eliminating a lot of communication and thus workload.

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