Scalability as the most important underlying drive for a One
Platform strategy

As a Salesforce implementation partner, Nextview has been developing and implementing complete Salesforce solutions for its customers for many years, resulting in a wealth of experience with the platform’s various products and capabilities. Naturally, Nextview itself could not stay behind.

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Years ago, Nextview started with a strong foundation built on Sales Cloud including the Opportunity Management functionality to support the sales department. As Nextview grew, the connection with Salesforce became stronger and more functionalities were brought to light due to the variety of customer projects. This is why they soon found that the basic CRM system no longer met their needs. The new idea? Rolling out a One Platform strategy in which all the different internal processes are integrated on a single platform.


Over the years, Nextview has implemented many different functionalities and products to create a One Platform solution in which all data and processes are integrated.

Streamlining and clarifying the pipeline process

Nextview started with the transfer of the entire financial administration. FinancialForce is an Independent Software Vendor from Salesforce that seamlessly integrates the accounting package FinancialForce Finance & Accounting with Salesforce. Leads were generated from the website through the implementation of the Pardot marketing tool. These leads or opportunities are then added to Salesforce, feeding the opportunity pipeline. To further streamline the pipeline process, Nextview implemented FinancialForce PSA. This allowed the resource planning and reporting process to be tackled, and it provided insight into the billability of the employees. Thanks to the three integrated modules, opportunities could be linked to an actual project, enabling Nextview to include deals that had not yet been closed in the forecast and planning. This immediately made it clear what such an opportunity would yield in terms of turnover. The result: a clear view from the opportunities pipeline to the forecast, and ultimately to the actual realisation of the project. All of this automatically flows to the financial administration to seamlessly link the invoicing to the project administration.

Taking the entire HR administration to the next level

As Salesforce is easy to integrate with other solutions, Nextview developed its own administration module for all HR processes and data. From employment contracts to personal employee information and account numbers, everything is neatly bundled and interwoven with the other modules in one system. As a result, processes such as declaration run quickly and efficiently, and employees can even submit a declaration via their mobile phone while on the go.

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Measuring customer satisfaction with GetFeedback

Nextview was looking for a smart, efficient way to measure customer satisfaction. That’s why we implemented the GetFeedback module, which also integrates seamlessly with the Salesforce Platform. From the platform, employees simply send out a survey to customers with a standard set of questions. The results are stored with the consultant in question and can be viewed on their dashboard. In this way, consultants always have easy access to their own NPS score.

Efficiently following up on applicants

The One Platform strategy increasingly started to take shape. The next step: building a recruitment module. The module on Salesforce was linked to the website, so that a potential candidate who responds to a vacancy via the website is automatically entered as a candidate in Salesforce. Using the collaboration tool Chatter, the relevant practice manager is immediately involved and asked for feedback.

Collaborating on the same documents with Quip

Nextview also linked the document collaboration tool Quip to Salesforce, making collaboration with both internal and external stakeholders a breeze. Any person with access to the document can easily add comments. With this tool, you’re sure to always work in the right file and avoid different offline versions of a document.

A financial administration that is always up to date

As the entire invoicing process is also integrated with Salesforce, invoices and their status are always up to date. Is the invoice not paid on time? A notification will be sent via Salesforce to the relevant project manager. This way, the accounts receivable status is always monitored. This is very efficient, since project managers don’t have to monitor this themselves. Incoming invoices from hired workers automatically roll into the platform and are forwarded to the right people. Depending on the amount, the system knows which approval process it needs to go through.

Learning in a fun way with myTrailhead

Trailhead is Salesforce’s online learning environment that offers gamification-based content and is also available to customers in the form of myTrailhead. Nextview uses myTrailhead and has developed several modules for this purpose, including an onboarding module. A new employee gets to know Nextview in a pleasant and entertaining way and learns about various processes. Want to know how the declaration process works? Go through the module, complete the quiz, and score the badge! This badge will be shown in your personal dashboard. MyTrailhead also immediately records the learning path of a new employee.


Nextview’s One Platform in one word? Scalable! This made it easy to roll out the platform in Germany. Transparency and security are also central in this complete and user-friendly Salesforce solution. A clear dashboard tailored to each employee.

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