Plastic Whale

Coming together for plastic-free waters with a transparent and clear CRM system

Plastic Whale is an organisation fighting for plastic-free waters. Its goal is raise societal awareness about the problem and come up solutions for what has become a planetary plastic soup. The organisation offers educational programmes, school battles, and plastic fishing trips. Both Salesforce and Nextview deeply admire this initiative which falls in line with their own sense of corporate social responsibility. Nextview is a Plastic Whale partner and has set up an improved CRM system for the organisation as part of its Pledge 1% commitment.

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Plastic Whale’s processes needed structure; the organisation lacked insight into who its partners and customers are. Employees instead tracked this data in an Excel spreadsheet and in their email inboxes. Information was sometimes lost when transferred to another employee and issues were not always followed up correctly. The goal of the Salesforce implementation, therefore, was to restructure Plastic Whale’s entire sales process.


A strong basis with Sales Cloud

Without a strong basis, streamlined and efficient recruitment processes can never become a reality. So this is where Nextview started. The employees at Plastic Whale were not used to using a system for account management, so Nextview implemented Sales Cloud, which allows employees to log accounts, email traffic, and calls.

Integration of the opportunity management function

Now that the foundation was in place, it was time to set up the next step within Sales Cloud: the integration of the opportunity management function. This feature allows Plastic Whale staff to easily manage and track the details and status of each transaction .

Nextview started using this functionality to manage Plastic Whale’s partnerships, the B2B part of its business. The sales process was streamlined, the organisation was a better overview of its (potential) partners, and data could be managed more easily.

This was then implemented for their core business: the plastic fishing trips. The entire sales process, from application to planned boat trip, was streamlined by opportunity management using the Salesforce solution PDF Butler. This allowed documents to be generated from a single system.


This strong basis brought the needed structure to Plastic Whale’s operations. This resulted in:

  • Many more logins
  • Many more logged actions and therefore more transparency
  • Seeing the added value of registering opportunities and automatically generating the corresponding documentation

What’s next?

Plastic Whale now has a strong CRM base. What’s next? 

  1. Nextview will help to streamline the process of planning boat trips. This process involves numerous steps: from wide-ranging insight into the number of available boats and skippers, to the automated sending of documents and emails. In other words, it takes some extensive planning. The goal is to make this entire process scalable and manageable for Plastic Whale so that it can realise its desired growth.
  2. Currently, Nextview is also looking into options for conducting surveys. Since making people more aware is a core element of its mission, Plastic Whale not only wants to offer the public opportunities to fish for plastic, but also stimulate general discussion about the pollution of the world’s oceans and waterways. Customers will be able to use tablets on board Plastic Whale’s boats to share their opinion and answer questions such as: How much is your company doing to tackle the problem? What kind of things would you like to see? Individuals that are planning a boat trip can also give their opinion. Besides these surveys on board, Plastic Whale also wants to be able to conduct surveys after a boat trip to obtain qualitative assessments of the experiences it offers and  thereby improve its service.

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