Streamlined processes and standardisation in a large organisation

Pon was founded in 1895 as a small family business and is now active worldwide in the field of mobility products, services, and solutions. It is a large organisation consisting of many different business units, each with its own operational management. Pon’s overarching long-term goal is to put the customer first. Having a clear 360° picture of the customer and the entire customer journey is essential to achieving this goal. How can this be achieved in a complex web of organisations, stakeholders, and channels?

Several of Pon’s business units were already using Salesforce as a CRM system, but the implementations could use a little more depth here and there, especially when taking the overarching goal in consideration. For various parts of the organisation, implementation partner Nextview completed a total of 6 different projects, both full implementations and adjustments within the current environment. Streamlining the processes would lead to one central way of working and standardisation across the organisation.

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Project 1

Pon Commercial Vehicles

How do we set up Salesforce in such a way that the customer always comes first? This was the question the Commercial Vehicles business unit brought to Nextview. The implementation of the system was only one part of the process. This was preceded by thorough research: what data is needed? Which systems should bring this data together? And when will the 360° view of the customer journey be complete? By applying various design principles, Nextview succeeded in answering all these questions. After extensive research, the functional design was built and implemented. The result is a solid foundation built on Sales Cloud.

Project 2


Aluca is one of Pon’s German business units and supplies commercial vehicles. The organisation grew rapidly and took the top spot in its field within a short time. This was  reason enough to look for a standardised way of working. The template of the previous project for Commercial Vehicles had proved effective, so Nextview used it again with Aluca. As it was a German organisation, the template could not be adopted wholesale, however.  The Salesforce environment had to be developed entirely in German and the end users of Aluca received German training for the successful adoption of the platform. Nextview set up Salesforce based on Sales Cloud for 25 salespeople and prepared them for the growth that would soon change their work.

Project 3

Overall Salesforce org strategie

An organisation as large as Pon with many different business units must guard against too many disconnected silos, each with its own way of working, especially when the customer has to be central. This is why they asked themselves how they should deal with the various Salesforce concerns the various business units, opcos, and dealers have. They did not have the answer to this question, which is why Pon sought overarching strategic advice from Nextview. How do obtain a 360° view of a customer journey as extensive as that of a Pon’s customer? Which systems need to be tied together to build this customer view? Nextview mapped everything and provided strategic advice. And not just once; this was re-evaluated every six months, so that the influence of the latest issues and developments could be included.

Project 4

MAN Truck & Bus

The current Salesforce environment was not well adopted by the employees of some business units, including those at MAN Truck & Bus. The data was not well organised and the users did not find the tool user-friendly. As a result, they never logged in. But where exactly was the problem? What was needed to take the Salesforce environment to the next level? Nextview climbed into the end user’s seat. By organising several intensive sessions, they got a complete picture of the current situation and removed the hiccoughs. The usability of the tool increased tremendously. The result? The tool is used much more often, there are many more registrations, and the users are more data-driven. With the end user in mind, Nextview was able to create a much better setup for the tool, which, in turn, resulted in greater adoption.

Project 5

Van Berge Henegouwen (VBH)

The Van Berge Henegouwen business unit, which deals with the installation of audiovisual equipment on luxury yachts, was also in need of a new CRM. Previously, there was little structure and the business consisted of many separate components. Through the implementation of Sales Cloud, Nextview was able to structure the entire sales process of VBH. Later, Field Service Lightning was also implemented, allowing VBH to manage the service organisation from a single platform. This resulted in a lower number of errors and a higher speed. So what’s next? The implementation of a B2B Commerce environment for an online shop for spare parts.

Project 6

Diesel Power Holland

Diesel Power Holland is a trading organisation owned by Pon which buys and resells used engines and parts. All of the buying and selling was still being done via Excel lists. The goal of the organisation was to gain insight into all of these processes. By implementing Sales Cloud, significant steps had already been taken. The organisation has also opted for a different way of working. From that moment on, products were first offered to customers and only then to intermediaries. Nextview implemented the marketing tool Pardot in order to reach customers in the best possible way. With Pardot, Diesel Power Holland was able to send out newsletters more actively, push its available product offerings, and contact customers more proactively. The result is a better segmentation between the customer and the intermediary trade!

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