Smart implementation of Pardot and Sales Cloud for an optimised lead process

VONQ is a young and dynamic B2B company specialising in recruitment marketing. The gap between demand and the number of potential candidates is growing, so recruiters need to look for new channels and technologies to fill their vacancies. VONQ helps employers take a more strategic approach to hiring new talent. Prior to working with Nextview, VONQ already had a solid CRM system with which they collected and monitored leads, but they lacked a marketing system. Read the full case below.

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VONQ’s goal was 50% year-over-year growth in its business. To achieve this, the organisation, which was largely running intuitively at the time, had to operate increasingly on the basis of numbers and data. Collecting detailed data on each lead had to become paramount. Who is this lead? Does the lead have good potential? What subsequent action should be taken? The organisation had to change their sales-orientated approach to one that is driven by data. Unfortunately, the previous CRM system was unable to meet this demand. Nextview’s task was to implement a system that would enable them to streamline and optimise the lead process.


Sales Cloud for a streamlined lead process

In order to achieve the desired growth, VONQ needed to find a modern and extensive platform with many data possibilities. The platform needed to combine the previously separate systems for sales and marketing to allow the lead process to be set up more efficiently from A to Z. With this goal in mind, Nextview implemented Sales Cloud as a solid foundation.

Pardon for managing campaigns

By integrating Pardot into the Salesforce environment, VONQ is now able to manage all its campaigns from a single platform. Pardot allows them to easily work on prospects and find all the insights they need to sketch a good profile of the potential customer. This also makes lead scoring a lot easier. The data organised in the tool clearly shows the value of each lead, allowing VONQ to determine the next steps. Do they have great potential or none at all? Incoming leads are handled as efficiently as possible in this way. The implementation of Sales Cloud and Pardot therefore provided a clear process, so VONQ no longer has to waste time on leads that were not going to convert. 


  • +13% conversion ratio 
  • Much better picture of current and potential customers
  • Closer cooperation between sales and marketing
  • Better-informed salespeople
  • Faster customised service

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