Salesforce as an integrated platform in Financial Services

VvAA is a cross-professional collective that gives voice and support to more than 124,000 (para) medics, so that everything outside the provision of care is perfectly arranged. VvAA supports healthcare-wide themes such as free choice of doctor inspiration and (dis) arrangement of care. In addition, they support their clients with knowledge, advice and services, specifically for their situation, profession or company. 

Nextview consulting organised a webinar in which VVAA explains how the Salesforce Platform is supporting them in an ongoing improvement process by digitising their processes.

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VVVA has seen a variety of changes in their financial footprint. Financial services are undergoing a major change. Rapidly advancing technologies, evolving customer expectations and a changing regulatory landscape are opening doors to disruptive innovation in financial services. In order for VVAA to stay at the heart of their 124,000 members, they need to jump on the bandwagon, digitise their processes in order to deliver top customer experience.


VVAA teamed up with Nextview and Salesforce experts to implement Salesforce Service and Marketing Cloud into their organisation, with the goal to be more data driven. In order for this process to be effective Nextview experts combined the practice of design thinking and Salesforce knowledge and experience. By using the Design Thinking approach Nextview experts get to the actual core of the problem and solve it in a consumer-centric manner. With this way of working, Nextview experts can identify the improvement opportunities of VVAA and how the implementation of Salesforce products can assist in these.


The Salesforce Platform provides 

  • One customer view and truth for all advisors of VVAA
  • A direct recognition of our members when they contact us 
  • Insight into all contacts, current cases, history and current overview of all products 
  • More efficiency in handling customer requests / sales actives by automating 
  • Possible to be more pro-active by Next Best Action 
  • Better data quality through one truth, built-in definitions and controls 
  • Possible to expand our contact channels and the transition to be a more digital OMNI-Channel strategy 
  • To connect the platform by design customer journeys which result in: pro-active and personalised customer contact and more insight on customer satisfaction / process improvements

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