Nextview Webinars

As a Salesforce Platinum Partner we have a lot of knowledge in-house about Salesforce products and implementations. We like to share this knowledge in our monthly webinars. The expert panel of our webinars always include a product expert from Salesforce and Nextview and a client case which is to be discussed. For more information and updates about upcoming webinars, please subscribe below.

Upcoming webinars

Our next webinar will be held on November 11.

11 November: Future of Service
9 December: Future of CRM

B2B Commerce Cloud

B2B Commerce

Learn how companies can become more successful by investing in an e-commerce channel and integrating it into their business model. In this webinar, Sander van Loon, Mark Schmidt and Martijn de Glopper will share insights and experiences on B2B commerce to help you overcome barriers to becoming a Digital Commerce Excellence company.

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Manufacturing Cloud

Connected Sales & Operations for Manufacturing

In this webinar Hans Seijger, Chief Business Development Officer at Mitsubishi Logisnext Europe (MLE), Bart Pannecoeck, Director B2B Industries Business Development at Salesforce and Dico Timmerman – Industry Lead Manufacturing at Nextview discuss how the Salesforce-platform connects Sales & Operations with each other

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Financial Service Cloud

Design-led Financial Services

Financial Services Cloud is one of the latest additions to Salesforce’s product portfolio and is a dedicated Salesforce solution for the financial industry. In this webinar, Sander Daniels – Salesforce, Geraldine Hoogwerf – VvAA and Nikolaj Kiepe – Nextview, Financial Services Cloud, discuss solutions and processes in the financial industry and how Design Thinking can support them.

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Einstein Analytics

How to use Data & AI to grow your Business

Luuk Martens – Practice Lead Data & AI at Nextview, Reinier van Leuken – Data Scientist at Salesforce and Jasper Steller – Senior Business Manager at Canon Medical Systems speak about Data and Artificial Intelligence and how you can use them let your business grow.

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Field Service Lightning

The Future of Field Service Management

In this webinar, Pieter Hendrikx – Industry Lead Professional Services & Utilities at Nextview, Perry Leijten – Director After Sales & Service at Pentair and Marcel van Dijk – Field Service Principal at Salesforce discuss the future of Field Service Management. How to do Field Service remote and which tools do support remote Field Service the best?

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Dico Timmerman – Industry Lead Manufacturing at Nextview, Daniel Stoyle – Business Development Manager (Servitization) at Royal IHC en Prof. Dr. Bob de Wit – Professor Strategic Leadership at Nyenrode Business University and director at Strategy Works and Laurent Waterval – Servitization researcher, speak about Servitization. They discuss the meaning of Servitization but also how to do business-as-a-service within your business. In this webinar, you get everything from a theoretical framework to hands-on advice.

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Service Cloud

Human-Centric Service

In this webinar, Stef van den Oever  – Customer Service Lead at Nextview, Marko Kiers –  VP Service Cloud EMEA North at Salesforce and Maarten Klapwijk – Manager Zorgcentrale’s at Incluzio discuss Human-centric service. The expert panel speaks about what it is and why it is important as a company to think human-centric.

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Salesforce Einstein

Einstein for Service

A customer service department gathers a lot of data, but how do you use this data to improve waiting times and provide solutions in a shorter time? Luuk Martens – Practice Lead Data & AI at Nextview, Daniel Saaltink – Lead Solution Consultant Service Cloud at Salesforce and Paul Bijlsma – Manager Customer Service at Iddink Group B.V speak about that in this webinar.

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