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How Salesforce Commerce drives value in a B2B marketplace

Expert panel:
Mark Schmidt – Digital Transformation and Innovation lead at Salesforce
Martijn de Glopper – Senior Account Executive at Salesforce
Sander van Loon – B2B Commerce Lead at Nextview

About this webinar

The usage of Ecommerce solutions within the B2B marketplace is lagging behind B2C, even with the growing demand of B2B buyers for a personalized online experience. Learn how companies like yours can successfully evaluate their value drivers through investing in an Ecommerce channel and by adding this to their business model.

Our expert panel, consisting Sander van Loon, Mark Schmidt and Martijn de Glopper, will share their insights and experiences, to help you overcome your barriers to become a Digital Commerce Excellence company.


B2B companies identify 3 main obstacles  to not excel at Digital Commerce, namely:

  • “Ecommerce is not suitable for my type of business and clients”
  • “We don’t know how and where to start with Ecommerce”
  • “We have an Ecommerce solution, but it is not paying of in relation to the cost”
Design-Led Approach

Digital Transformation in B2B Commerce using the Salesforce-platform; where to start and how to do it, based on Nextview’s unique design-led approach.

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