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Future of Service – Finding the balance between Technology and the Human Touch

Expert panel:
Geeske te Gussinklo – Director at Klantenservice Federatie
Marko Kiers – RVP Service Cloud at Salesforce
Stef van den Oever – Practice Manager Customer Experience at Nextview

About this webinar

Now, more than ever, companies are focusing on delivering a great customer experience. The world around us is changing, customers’ expectations transform and new technological opportunities present themselves. By attending this online event, we will give you an insight into what the future will bring for Customer Service from a technology and human perspective.

What will the future bring for Customer Service? Will bots and knowledge bases take over repetitive tasks from Service Agents, or will the role of Customer Engagement Centers transform in a way they can focus more on building meaningful relationships with your customers?

In this upcoming online event, Geeske te Gussinklo (Director at Klantenservice Federatie), Marko Kiers (RVP Service Cloud at Salesforce) and Stef van den Oever (Practice Manager Customer Experience at Nextview) will discuss their vision on the future of Customer Service and finding the balance between technology and the human touch.

Design-Led Approach

The future of service using the Salesforce-platform; where to start and how to do it, based on Nextview’s unique design-led approach.

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