B2B Commerce in 2 weeks

Launch your E-commerce channel within just 2 weeks. 

We provide you with a set of best practices and tools that enable a rapid implementation. We apply our Design-Led approach to ensure an excellent customer experience.

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01. What we will do

  • Validate best practices with current business models, and identify gaps
  • Implement best practices, including scoped set of gaps
  • Support go-live

02. Customer Value

  • Ensure business continuity for your clients due to COVID-19 visiting restrictions
  • Increase loyalty by providing a personalized multi channel experience for your clients
  • Increase volumes by providing a personalized ease of use experience for long-tail clients
  • Reduce effort of Sales and Customer Service by providing self service

03. Deliverables

  • Operational E-commerce channel

Required investment

€ 20.000



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