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Customer experience (CX) and customer relationship management (CRM) are at the heart of most strategic drivers that organisations pursue. Nextview advises business, sales, and marketing executives about these aspects of their business with or without limited technology implementation. We help you to see the bigger picture and look beyond the technological possibilities.

CRM and CX have a growing impact on your organisation and provide a competitive advantage and satisfied customers. Successful digital transformations start with an eye for your needs and a clear ambition for the future – and this is exactly what our design-led consultancy approach focuses on. Together with the right stakeholders, we outline a future-proof customer journey that fits your business strategy. We challenge, inspire, ask questions, and, together with you, form a picture of the future. As your inspiration gradually takes form, we’ll translate it into concrete goals. Goals with which you will shape your vision: a first important step towards digital transformation.

Together, we’ll shape your roadmap

Starting with this vision, we’ll help you to shape the roadmap: what goals do you want to achieve and what can we do tomorrow, this month, and the rest of the year? We use maturity models on different levels to build the roadmap, to validate the current situation, and to maximise value creation—always with the user and the customer in mind. The maturity models also help to determine a logical sequence of development from a technological perspective.

Take the right decisions based on a business case

Our fully agile approach is always focused on maximising the value of your investment. Part of shaping the roadmap is the business case, which plays an important role in making the right decisions and setting priorities. Of course, we help you define and validate the business case. Throughout the entire agile process, we continuously steer for value with the overall vision and business case in mind.

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