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Our Salesforce architects and designers see problems before they happen, even when an organisation needs to scale up from one to one million users or customers. At Nextview, we design systems that can withstand anything. We look at whether and how your Salesforce solution fits into the rest of your landscape. We focus on data and process integration, master data management, data-driven decision making, and an unambiguous view of customers.

Design for the future

From the start of the project, we’ll guide you in designing an architecture that is future proof. Our goal is to design a solution that meets your current requirements, but which is also flexible, scalable, and adaptable enough to meet future needs. We start with the current IT landscape and then develop the target architecture based on the future vision and roadmap.

The components of the solution architecture

We advise you about and support you in the following components for the design and construction of a future-proof architecture.

IT landscape

An AS-IS and TO-BE design with all relevant systems and integrations, scalability, the design, and preparation of the DTAP software development line and the set-up of release management.

Data model

We determine data and master-slave objects, cross-component processes, data quality, and data modelling.


Integration strategy and landscape design, comparison and selection of integration tools, implementation, and API management.


Migration strategy, landscape and the integration of compared and selected tooling.


Design Center of Excellence organisation.


Omni-channel access, SSO, system security, authentication and authorisation, data protection, and GDPR compliance.

Center of Excellence

Design and implementation of a Center of Excellence organisation.

Prepare to bring data to life

Today, data is often called the ‘new gold’. That’s why it’s important to prepare your organization well for the use of data. Your (data) architecture is the basis for this. Its design, a correct setup of the data model, and data management are essential to bringing data to life. Our architects, in combination with our data & analytics consultants, will guide and advise you so that you get the most out of your data – now and in the future.

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