Salesforce B2B Commerce Cloud

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With B2B Commerce Cloud, you provide your customers with an easy-to-use, self-service, tailored online buying experience. Completely in the style of your business and linked to your CRM system, with every aspect of the shopping experience personalised. Generate more revenue and make online purchasing easy with B2B Commerce Cloud.

Maximise your online revenue

With B2B Commerce Cloud, you too can implement a web shop very quickly. The platform easily adapts to the changing industry and customer needs. Online shopping is made easier by the handy features specially developed for B2B, such as fast repeat orders, contract prices, customised catalogues, and more. And, because B2B Commerce Cloud is a self-service platform, you can fully focus on growth opportunities. To remain the best player in the market, B2B Commerce Cloud is updated 3 times a year, just like all other Salesforce products.

Make every interaction relevant and connected

Gain a central, complete overview of every customer activity for sales and service by seamlessly integrating B2B Commerce Cloud into your Salesforce CRM environment. Respond to customer needs and create customer loyalty by offering personalised purchasing experiences. Are you looking for the very best customer experience? Opt to combine it with Salesforce Service Cloud for a seamless collaboration.

Want to know more about B2B Commerce Cloud?

Curious to find out if B2B Commerce Cloud can also drastically change your e-commerce experience? Brainstorm with Lars Klumpes about Salesforce B2B Commerce Cloud. We’ll discuss your specific situation over a cup of coffee. We’re happy to help you!