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Financial services are based on trust and your relationship with business and private customers. Do you want to build a closer relationship with your clients? Financial Services Cloud is the ultimate Salesforce solution for the financial sector, with specific solutions for both the insurance and banking sectors. Improve and deepen your relationships by offering not only customers, but also partners smart, user-friendly experiences. 

Financial Services Cloud Insurance

Meet the changing demands of the policyholder

Salesforce has years of experience with insurance companies. Time to pool this experience and turn it into a cloud, specifically for insurance companies. Deploy the Insurance Cloud quickly and easily in insurance-specific processes and create better experiences for everyone in the insurance value chain, with omni-channel integration of social media, websites, email, and other channels. All on one platform. The smart data model makes it easy to identify complex relationships that are common in insurance products, so that you can use them on a daily basis.

Financial Services Cloud Insurance applications

  • Manage business and private insurances with an improved (standardised) data model.
  • Easily capitalise on life events, business milestones, and private goals in daily interactions with your customers using standard components in the Cloud.
  • Do your partners not work with code? Work with them through Community licenses in a community tailored for insurance companies. This user-friendly portal supports you as an insurance company in your search for cooperation with (independent) agents. Let your business grow without using code. Fast and efficient!

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Offer the banking experience your customers are looking for

Financial Services Cloud Banking

  • Create a smooth mortgage process, including specific flows desired by borrowers and lenders. And, the great thing is that you don’t set it up with code, but with a few simple clicks!
  • Use a smart process that approves documents such as action plans, so that your Know Your Customer process always conforms.
  • Build extensive customer relationships with a strong data model that enables various complex constructions. Whether it’s Business Banking, Private Banking, or Retail Banking: Financial Services Cloud converts those complex relationships into useful insights for your customers.

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Want to know more about Financial Services Cloud?

Do you want to be the frontrunner in the development of lean and mean processes using clicks instead of custom code? Have you had enough of talking about integrations and data, and would you rather talk about creating customer value? Contact Nikolaj Kiepe to see how our certified Financial Services Cloud Consultants can transform your business using Salesforce Financial Services Cloud. We’re here to help!