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Looking for a Marketing Cloud partner? Salesforce’s Marketing Cloud engagement platform offers leads, prospects, and customers a seamless marketing experience. Approach customers with the right message, at the right time, with the right tone, and easily respond to changing situations with relevant digital marketing. The added value of Marketing Cloud lies primarily in its use within the Salesforce ecosystem. Adding this cloud to your Salesforce CRM brings marketing, sales, and service closer together. All customer engagement is shared: for example, customer service has access to the marketing mailbox, and marketers can use case information for real-time development of customer journeys.

Build personal customer journeys

With the Marketing Cloud Journey Builder, you build personal experiences at every stage of the customer journey – through email, mobile, and advertising. Listen to customer prompts, respond to important events, and discover what moments determine the customer experience through insight into extensive customer data, such as browsing behaviour and purchasing history. You can also easily customise the journeys based on current and predicted customer behaviour. The result? A better relationship with your customers.

Automate, personalise, create, and test emails


With the powerful Email Studio composer, you can create smart emails and personalise and scale your email content for perfect viewing on any device – from simple marketing campaign emails to specifically personalised messages. Automate email marketing activities such as welcome emails, take advantage of AI, and use standardised testing capabilities such as A/B testing to increase your success.

Manage multiple social channels within one platform

The Social Studio within Marketing Cloud is a complete platform for social marketing. Listen, analyse, publish, and communicate from one platform. Connect your social channels to marketing, service, and sales, and benefit from AI-driven automation and insights.

Get started with SMS marketing, push notifications, and group messages


With Mobile Studio, you can easily create and send personalised mobile messages, in-app push messages, and mobile chats in real time. Use location-based push messages and cross-channel messaging to ensure consistency in your messaging.

Manage your ads securely and on any scale with Marketing Cloud

With Advertising Studio from Marketing Cloud, you integrate digital ads with your marketing and CRM data to offer customers a personalised experience. Use your CRM to generate Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and display ads, and retarget suspects, leads, and customers as part of the journeys you create in Journey Builder. Improve your acquisition and nurture strategy by coordinating your ads with lead scoring, email nurture campaigns, and your sales teams.

Develop the best customer experiences at any time


Marketing Cloud’s Interaction Studio reacts to consumers’ real-time behaviour as soon as they come into contact with your brand’s channels. Online via email, social and mobile communications, and offline in-store. Bring together web, call, sales, and CRM data to create a personalised offer. With Interaction Studio, you create the best customer experience when consumers are engaged with your brand. Think of relevant promotions, discounts, or other content. Take advantage of real-time decision making through your channels and use real-time web context to create the Next Best Action for your call centres. You’ll also have access to advanced marketing automation capabilities.

Create personalised landing pages

With Marketing Cloud’s Web Studio, you can easily build landing pages and microsites to include in your customer journeys. And: it’s all personalized for an optimal user experience.

Use Google Analytics data effectively


Integrate and use your Google Analytics 360 data in the Salesforce Marketing Cloud platform and create and activate cross-channel audiences for advertising and targeting purposes. Personalise your website and trigger automated campaigns based on Google Analytics 360 data.

Grow partner engagement with Marketing Cloud


Enable consultants, franchisees, and other stakeholders to collaborate on digital marketing and campaigns. Give your partners the digital capabilities you have as a Marketing Cloud user to jointly run marketing campaigns and let partners personalise and send content from Salesforce Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, or Community Cloud. This increases the involvement of partners in filling the marketing and sales pipeline.

Want to know more about Marketing Cloud?

Ready to take the next step in digitising your Marketing Automation and putting an end to digital silos? Brainstorm with Nikolaj Kiepe about Salesforce Marketing Cloud. We’ll discuss your specific situation over a cup of coffee. We’re happy to help you!