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Most companies have digital transformation on the agenda. As a result, a lot is demanded of IT departments. Customers expect a personalised experience and a consistent journey across multiple channels, while IT departments struggle with a huge number of standalone solutions and data silos. To meet the demands of digital transformation, multi-cloud and on-premise solutions must be unlocked and integrated.

Mulesoft Anypoint Platform is an integration solution capable of supporting IT architecture. This allows you to continue to meet changing requirements with a flexible and future-oriented solution for all integration challenges. Our Mulesoft Partnership makes us the ideal partner for all of your customer-centric solutions.

Customer 360

Customer focus is the key to successful organisations. Salesforce Customer 360 helps you to get the customer experience that your current customer portfolio demands, but this often leads to challenges for your IT department, because they need to bring everything together. Customer data and processes are spread across a growing landscape of multi-cloud and on-premise solutions, all of which have their connectivity challenges. The large connector repository of the Anypoint Platform helps you connect to any system and bring all solutions together in one Customer 360 experience. In short: much-needed support for your customer-centric strategy.

Innovate quickly with the API-led approach

In addition to changing customer expectations, a constant need for innovation puts IT under pressure to be flexible. Rapid changes in the IT landscape are needed to continue to meet all business requirements. Still, at the same time, IT is also about keeping current IT solutions stable. Mulesoft’s API-led approach helps IT to innovate quickly through flexibility and reuse of existing resources. This approach focuses on building a repository of reusable APIs and applications that can be used over time  and throughout the organisation to accelerate projects.

Mulesoft Accelerators for Salesforce Clouds

With this platform, you can easily create your own integration and out-of-the-box solutions for Salesforce Clouds. These Salesforce Cloud Accelerators enable organisations to implement integration use cases quickly and easily. Salesforce and Mulesoft are working together to expand the number of Accelerators for Salesforce Clouds.

Discover the Mulesoft Catalyst methodology

The basis of Mulesoft’s API-led approach is the reuse of certain solutions, while at the same time creating new opportunities that can then be reused again. To achieve this, Mulesoft has developed the Catalyst methodology. Catalyst helps companies to execute successful integration projects, as well as setting up a Center for Enablement to continue to get the most out of the integration platform. The most important aspect is that the integration is not tackled on a project basis; instead, an organisation develops an integration strategy aimed at enabling digital transformation.

Want to know more about Mulesoft?

At Nextview, we’ve built up a lot of experience in integrating Salesforce Clouds within the IT landscape of our customers. That’s why we’ve developed our own best practices and accelerators for Salesforce implementations. In addition, our experienced Integration Architects can help you develop a good integration strategy based on the Mulesoft Anypoint platform and the Catalyst methodology. This is how you tackle every challenge surrounding digital transformation. Let us advise you over a cup of coffee. We’re happy to help you!