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Accelerate your onboarding lead time, improve the quality of working processes and increase the ROI on your Salesforce investment with Salesforce myTrailhead. At Nextview we truly believe in an active learning culture where knowledge is captured, educated and scaled across organizations. Salesforce myTrailhead transforms the corporate learning model and empowers organizations with the tools needed to make learning bite-sized, personalized, optimized for on-the-go learning and at the center of their business, creating a culture of continuous learning.

myTrailhead provides learning in the flow of work

With myTrailhead you can deliver learning in the flow of work to your employees in their actual working processes. With in-App Guidance with Walkthroughs you can quickly deliver multi-step learning prompts to your users directly within Salesforce. This will propel your Salesforce learning to new levels and guide users step by step through a process and ensure an optimized use of your designed Salesforce solution.

Accelerate your learning content creation and publishing

No more labor intense content creation processes! With Trailmaker, you can quickly create and publish custom learning content fast. Create and format learning modules and quizzes to test gained knowledge.

Deliver an amazing learner first experience from anywhere

With a learner first experience, myTrailhead strives to deliver a personalized, gamified and fun experience to every learner, across form factors. No longer do your teams need to be tied to a desk or physically in the office. They can have an immersive learning experience from anywhere.

Track learning progress in myTrailhead via the Trail Tracker

Learning is only impactful if your employees consume the content, and your business sees results. This is why Trail Tracker is a critical element of myTrailhead. With the ability to gain insights and data into learning behavior and business ROI you can identify areas of improvements, hidden strengths of employees, and content that needs to be edited to have a greater engagement rate.


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