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Pardot is Salesforce’s B2B marketing automation tool. The solution is designed to manage all of your marketing automation from one platform. Seamlessly connect different campaigns, integrate your existing marketing activities, and let go of the one-size-fits-all approach.

Connected to CRM

Pardot works seamlessly with your Salesforce Environment. As you stay up to date on leads, accounts, and contacts in Salesforce, you work on prospects in Pardot. This tool will enable you to gain all the insights you need to get a clear idea of potential customer profiles. Which e-book have they downloaded? Which mailings were sent to them? And which mailings did they actually open?


Integrate with your existing assets

Pardot communicates seamlessly with Salesforce. This allows you to integrate both systems effortlessly with each other. If you’re sending out a mailing, it will be displayed in the Salesforce record, so that you know whether your lead or contact person has logged on or off, and if they read or opened the mail.

Account-based marketing

Selling business services or products may not be as easy as selling a coffee machine. When dealing with longer sales cycles, insight into the behaviour of your prospect or lead is highly valuable. This can be achieved by calling or meeting, but also by sending them automated emails with content that they might find relevant. The integration between Salesforce and Pardot gives you real-time insight into your prospects, and when you add Salesforce Einstein, the tool will predict the next step that you need to take to achieve success.

Want to know more about Pardot?

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