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Snowflake is an analytic data warehouse provided as Software as a Service (SaaS). The software provides a data warehouse that is faster, easier to use, and far more flexible than traditional data warehouse offerings. It’s more like one central data hub, where all applications can store and retrieve all data needed to support the business from within and outside the company.

The data warehouse provides performance, flexibility, and near-infinite scalability to easily load, integrate, analyze, and securely share your data. Snowflake is a fully-managed service that’s simple to use but can power a near-unlimited number of concurrent workloads. With Snowflake’s fully managed cloud data platform, you can eliminate the administration and management demands of traditional data platforms. So you can focus on getting valuable insights out of your data.

One single platform, for all your data

Snowflake is a solution for data warehousing, data lakes, data engineering, data science, data application development, and for securely sharing and consuming shared data. Snowflake can be used as your Enterprise Data Cloud where you can combine all your data. The possibilities are endless. Supercharge your business with AI enhanced datasets or let Snowflake Ingest all data, also from Local ERP’s, to offer fully enriched  datasets.

Near-unlimited performance and scale

Snowflake scales to virtually any volume of data and any number of users and concurrent workloads, without degrading performance. The beauty of Snowflake’s multi-cluster, shared data architecture is the ability to access unlimited amounts of compute to serve all of your data and all of your users. All of that compute is now available in seconds, billed by the second. There’s no waiting for compute capacity, and you pay for exactly what you use.

Take advantage of live and ready-to-query data with Data Marketplace

Are you a data scientist or a business intelligence or analytic professional who desires data-driven decision-making? Meet Snowflake Data Marketplace. This gives you access to live and ready-to-query data from your ecosystem of business partners and customers, and from potentially thousands of data providers and data service providers.

The integration of Salesforce, Tableau and Snowflake

This year Salesforce and Snowflake have grown closer together with an investment from Salesforce Ventures and the announcement of the two partnering up. Snowflake already had excellent integration possibilities with Tableau, which was acquired by Salesforce last year (2019). This year we’ve already seen quite some activity on the integration possibilities between Snowflake and Salesforce’s Einstein Analytics/Tableau CRM. Next to that, Snowflake works well with event-based integration like Mulesoft, or batch-based ETL tools. As you can see, Snowflake can be perfectly positioned as a Central Cloud Database in the Salesforce portfolio.

Want to know more about Snowflake?

Offering the right information at the right time to make smarter decisions is easier said than done. With the right strategy, the right people, and a highly scalable Cloud Data Platform like Snowflake, your organisation is ready to move in the right direction. Do you want to learn how to use Snowflake to get ready for the data era? Contact Lars Klumpes to discuss your questions over a cup of coffee. We’re happy to help you!