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Do you have trouble creating meaningful dashboards for your executives and managers? Are you wondering how to create real-time operational dashboards for your employees? Or perhaps you want to find a way to make smarter decisions as an organization, and you want to develop a structured approach to preparing, loading, and monitoring all your data within the Analytics platform. Meet Tableau: the Analytics platform your organisation has been looking for.

Understand your data better with Tableau

Tableau is one of the best analytical tools available. Benefit from a powerful, flexible, end-to-end secure analytics platform that connects to many different databases and creates powerful insights with just one click. It’s no surprise that in 2020, Tableau was chosen as the leader of the Gartner Magic Quadrant for the eighth consecutive year.

Discover the different functions within Tableau

Tableau ensures that your organisation works in a more data-driven way. It helps you to better understand your data so that you can concentrate on making better decisions. Discover a few powerful features of the tool below.

Ask questions in a natural way

With the Ask Data function, you’ll type out a question in the way that you’d normally do in a search engine, and Tableau answers with the correct information and visualisation. This enables you to dive deeper into your data and get more valuable insights.

Use the power of AI

Explain Data allows you to discover insights you might not otherwise find. Using advanced models, Tableau explains the context of the numbers you’re working with.

Discover Tableau’s different tools

The different tools that Tableau offers cover the challenges you encounter during your data journey. The analytics platform acts as an Enterprise BI tool, helping employees to find and share valuable insights, making it easy for you to collaborate, but also speeding up your IT and Data Science department’s data preparation and management. This enables your employees to focus on the relevant issues and make smarter decisions.

Tableau Desktop

Tableau Desktop, ‘the gold standard’ in visual analysis, has turned the business intelligence industry upside down with a very strong self-service solution.

Tableau Prep

More decision making and less data preparation: with Tableau Prep, more people will be able to create an analysis faster by getting help with combining, designing, cleaning up, and operationalising their data flows.

Tableau Online

Do you want to share and collaborate on a server without actually managing a server? Tableau Online is what you’re looking for. It’s safe, it’s scalable, and there’s no hardware to maintain!

Tableau Server

Share your data and dashboards to increase your impact. Whether you keep your server implementation on-premise or implement it in the public cloud, you’ll always keep the management of your server in your own hands.

Tableau Data Management

Keep control of your data and automate and monitor data flows. Data Catalog shows you what data is on your platform and where it is being used. Data governance, or data management, at its best!

Use Tableau Blueprint in your journey to data-driven working

Tableau Blueprint is a good roadmap and starting point to make your data journey a success. Apply the full blueprint or choose some of the best practices based on years of experience. Our own way of working turned out to have a lot in common with Tableau Blueprint, so we seamlessly merged these 2 together in our way of working. The best of 2 worlds.

Want to know more about Tableau?

Offering the right information at the right time to make smarter decisions is easier said than done. With the right strategy, the right people, and a powerful analytics platform like Tableau, your organisation is ready to move in the right direction. Do you want to know how to use Tableau to become more data-driven? Contact Lars Klumpes to discuss your questions over a cup of coffee. We’re happy to help you!