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Are you looking for a Salesforce system that runs entirely offline? Look no further! Pulsar is a complete end-to-end offline solution for the Salesforce platform. The power of the solution is twofold. On the one hand, it easily scales to synchronise millions of records for offline access. On the other hand, the solution effortlessly executes complex Salesforce functionalities, such as validation rules, triggers, default values, and formula levels. Write HTML apps using APIs to run on Pulsar using the offline data (offline equivalent of VisualForce pages).

Benefit from the functionalities of Luminix Pulsar

Luminix Pulsar has customers in many different sectors, including healthcare, medical equipment, CPG, insurance, financial services, field services, and energy sectors. Discover the different functionalities:

  • Benefit from full offline access to user data
  • Run validation rules, triggers, and workflows offline
  • Take advantage of offline access to Salesforce Content libraries
  • View a daily, weekly or monthly overview of Calendar and Salesforce events
  • Go for customisation and branding
  • Use custom UI screens to expand the product
  • Make use of the productivity tools

Interested? Download the app

Are you looking for a complete Salesforce system that runs offline? Download the app from the App Store, log in with your Salesforce login details, and your data will be synced for offline use within minutes.

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Are you ready to improve your systems by enabling offline functionality, and are you curious about what value we can offer you? Contact us now to discuss your specific situation over a cup of coffee. We’re happy to help you!