ServiceMax Asset 360 for Salesforce Field Service

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When Asset uptime is your customers main priority, delivering personalized customer experience your business philosophy and empowering the workforce your focus, while driving Revenue and Efficiency at every step of the way, then ServiceMax Asset 360 for Salesforce Field Service can offer a wealth of automation in your business Processes.

Salesforce & ServiceMax have joined forces to deliver the world’s most complete Field Service offering in the market. Nextview is now officially a ServiceMax partner in their Partner Xcellence Program.

Benefit from the functionalities of ServiceMax Asset 360

  • Providing an Asset 360-degree view with the most critical information of every asset
  • Accelerate the customer journey from reactive to proactive models of Service delivery by implementing condition-based maintenance or time-based maintenance to ensure zero unplanned downtime
  • Scheduling & Optimization of the field visits by leveraging intelligent features to automate and accelerate your scheduling processes
  • Define & Manage a wide range of warranty & Service contracts to drive maximum uptime and customer satisfaction; Ensure SLA commitments are met and prevent revenue losses.

Real time key performance metrics

Running a successful Field Service Operation requires data. Understanding this data and tracking them in real time is imperative to identify strengths and improve weaknesses. ServiceMax makes this data readily available for you to provide you with actionable insights.

Want to know more about ServiceMax Asset 360?

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