The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals are 17 goals towards a better future for all by 2030. Nextview has officially signed a commitment to furthering these goals. All goals are important, but we are choosing to focus on Gender Equality, Decent Work and Economic Growth, Climate Action, Life Below Water, and Partnerships. These are goals we not only work to achieve internally, but also promote through projects and partnerships.

Our contribution to the social goals

At Nextview, we work to be inclusive and celebrate diversity and we support particular initiatives that further the Gender Equality and Decent Work and Economic Growth goals. We volunteer with Respect Education Foundation’s Salesforce implementation (a non-profit focused on creating a culture of respect in schools) and we are Female Tech Heroes ambassadors (encouraging more women in the technology industry). We are always reflecting critically how we can continue to support these goals.

Our contribution to the environmental goals

We also support environmental initiatives, having a plastic free office and striving to be CO2 neutral ourselves. We encourage public transport use, by giving all employees passes to travel by train first class, as well as driving electric, by having electric car rental options. That’s also why we partner with Plastic Whale and LIVES (Litter Free Rivers and Streams). We also serve as a community connector, inspiring partnerships for the goals.


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