Design Thinking Centers

Our Design Thinking Centers, located in Frankfurt, Amsterdam, and Eindhoven, offer a playful and inspiring environment. They’re innovation labs, but we also see them as centers of experience on neutral ground. A unique combination!

Dynamic experience centers, designed to think, do, learn, co-create, and innovate. Nearly all of the walls can be moved around to create new spaces and to facilitate new possibilities for co-creation in smaller or larger groups.

Come around and discover one of our creative, 600 to 1200 m2 spaces with lots of different tools and experienced facilitators. Our Design Thinking Centres have more than 30 m2 of whiteboards, 100 markers, 500 Post-its, and loads of prototyping material.

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An inspiring environment

Added value

Our unique Design-Thinking Center bring large groups together. We focus on problem-solving in mixed groups and identify the right ideas and solutions together. Great inspiration, openness, and playfulness are what counts. Not only for our clients, but also for ourselves as an inspiring workplace.

Our approach

Together, we'll make a difference

To get to know your end customer and create real added value, you eventually have to change your perspective. We’ll work on this together in a Design-Thinking Centre:

  • Put people in first place. Find out what drives your customer.
  • Search for ideas and dare to test and explore them.
  • Try it. Learn. Adjust. Then try again. And again.
  • Rediscover the power of imagination within yourself and your team, in our greenhouse for new ideas and hidden business opportunities.
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